Dog Daycare, Dog Hotel & Dog Training

At Very Important Paws we give your best friend as much love, care and attention as you do! It was out of our admiration for our canine friends that we envisioned a doggy day care, spa, and hotel that is much more attractive to dogs than sitting at home or in a kennel all day waiting for you to return.

This idea took off faster than we could imagine. For the past EIGHT years, for twelve hours a day, we have dogs playing, romping, jumping, running, getting exercise and socializing with other dogs. Supervised by our dedicated staff (with over 15 years of experience), our dog hotel is pure fun.

While most dogs return home after a day of play, our doggy guests return to their hotel suites for a good nights rest until the next day of play. Our doggy hotel is designed to be more soothing for your dogs while they are away from their home than a vet's kennel or boarding facility. You won't find cages or chain link fence in our luxurious hotel, we use tempered glass for our doors, and we can cater to any requests.

What luxurious get-a-way would be complete without a spa? That's right- while your furry friend enjoys their stay at VIP Paws they can also catch up on their grooming. We have a full grooming salon with the most gentle and professional staff in town.

Very Important Paws also offers a variety of training including puppy training, group training classes, and even private training lessons. Dog obedience plays a huge part in working together to keep dogs out of shelters. Most of the dogs who end up in the shelters just needed a little training.

We not only care about your dog we care about all dogs so we take our part and responsibility to be active in the lives of needy dogs as well. We donate to many charities throughout the year and work very closely with Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, and Peggy Adams Rescue League.

Very Important Paws is located in Downtown West Palm Beach, give us a call! Your dog will be glad you did!

It's worth a visit to V.I.P. Dog Daycare today!

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