4 Tips to Avoid Apartment Damage When You Have a Large Dog

Blog 4 Tips to Avoid Apartment Damage When You Have a Large Dog

Many apartments restrict what types of dogs you can own, and may exclude those that are large or that are considered aggressive. So finding a no-breed restriction apartment where you can live with your Pit Bull, Great Dane or Doberman is a stroke of luck. But you’ll have to take some steps to ensure your dog doesn’t cause damage to the apartment. Here are some tips to avoid apartment damage from dog

Even a well-behaved dog could cause damage if it suffers from separation anxiety. A large dog could even inadvertently cause damage, such as by scratching floors with its toenails as it walks around. Here are some tips to help you and your dog live in your new apartment safely without causing any damage beyond normal wear and tear. Here are 4 tips to avoid apartment damage from big dog

1. Take care of your dog’s mental health

Since separation anxiety, other mental issues, and even boredom can lead to destructive behaviors, you’ll want to make your dog’s mental health a priority. This typically will involve things like giving your dog plenty of exercise, making sure your dog has enough socialization and companionship, and giving the dog interesting things to do (like puzzle toys).

Obedience training can also help to give your dog mental stimulation so they’re less likely to get bored.

2. Supervise your dog well

The longer and more often your dog is left alone, the more likely they are to get stressed and do something destructive. Instead of leaving them home alone, you could leave your dogs with a doggy daycare while you’re at work. Send them to daycare 1-3 days per week, daycare provides excellent physical and mental stimulation.  Dogs are typically worn out the following day after daycare, so a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule is just the right frequency to keep behavior in check.  

3. Keep your dog’s nails well trimmed

No matter how well your dog behaves, they may accidentally scratch the floor if their toenails are overgrown. Extra-long or broken toenails could even snag in a carpet, potentially causing damage. So check your dog’s nails periodically, clip or dremmel them on a regular basis, and trim any broken bits off quickly.

4. Add dog-resistant protective items

Some types of products you can use to help avoid too much wear and tear from your dog include:

• Protective mats for high-traffic floor areas where your dog walks a lot 

• De-shedding brush so you can reduce the amount of dog hair that gets into the carpet 

• Scratch protectors for doors or windowsills if your dog tends to paw at or jump on these spots 

• Waterproof mats under food and water dishes to prevent moisture damage to floor from splashes 

Your pet store or pet groomer may have additional ideas for protective products to try.

These tips will help you to avoid any damage to the apartment from your large dog. This can not only help you avoid unnecessary fees, but also help ensure that you don’t lose your refundable deposits when you move out due to damage and the need for repairs.

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