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While some breeds tend to shed more fur than others, every single dog will lose at least some of its fur every time you brush it. But you don’t have to just put that pet fur in the garbage! Believe it or not, there are multiple creative uses for dog hair. From crafts to helping nature, here are some of the most interesting and fun ways of repurposing dog hair.

Knit, Crochet, or Weave

Did you know that you can turn your dog’s fur into yarn? There’s even a term for dog hair that is spun into yarn – chiengora. Think of it as the canine equivalent of yarn from sheep’s wool.

If you have a long-haired dog with a rough coat, your pup’s fur is perfect for becoming yarn. Newfoundlands and Golden Retrievers are especially great for this. If your pup has a shorter undercoat or even shorter strands on its main coat, just mix it with longer fibers as you spin it.


There are a few important points to consider if you turn your dog’s fur into yarn. First, strands of fur may occasionally fall out of the finished garment. Additionally, it only works when brushed out of your dog, as you need the full hair shaft (so don’t ask for fur from dog grooming West Palm Beach).

Enjoy Felting

Another crafty way of repurposing dog hair is felting. For wet felting, you just need the pet fur and hot soapy water. Lay the fur flat, then use your fingers and the water to rub it together. Eventually, the fibers will become a sheet, similar to any felt you’d buy in the store. You can add essential oils to change the smell.

If you prefer, try needle felting. Roll up a wad of fur and then use a special needle to poke holes in it repeatedly. Use the technique to make gifts for another animal lover.

Use It as Stuffing

If you’re making dog toys, puppy pillows, or something else that needs stuffing, use your pup’s excess fur for this.

Let Birds Turn It Into Nests

Birds will gladly help you with dog hair recycling, using the strands in their nests. To give excess pet fur to birds, just place it out for them. You can put fur in a small paper bag or suet cage if you don’t want to make a mess. Or just wrap some on top of fence posts or bushes.

Use It in Your Garden

One of the most versatile uses for dog fur in West Palm Beach is your garden.

Repel Pests

The scent of dog fur can keep certain pests out of your garden. The best way to do this is to put fur in pantyhose or burlap bags and place them in strategic spots. Some people even create a full border. This method can repel rabbits, chipmunks, and deer.

Or just pack some loose fur by the roots of your plants. This method prevents animals and traps small bugs, snails, and slugs.


If you have a compost bin, keep dog hair recycling simple. Just put the fur in the bin. Some people even say it has more nutrients than manure. It is especially high in nitrogen.

Send It to Clean Oil Spills

One of the more creative uses for dog hair is for cleaning oil spills. Just gather it up and send it to one of the various programs, such as Matter of Trust. They turn fur (and hair and fleece!) into mats to clean oil spills.


Don’t just toss what your furry friends shed during grooming. Collect the fur and turn it into yarn, felt, or stuffing. Use it in your garden, send it to clean oil spills, or just put it in your compost bin.



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