Blog 7 Reasons to Throw a Dog Birthday Party

At Very Important Paws (VIP), we, like many, see our dogs like our children and part of our family. On fur baby’s big day, it’s important to celebrate them. A dog birthday party is an excellent time for your pup and all of their friends. From themed parties where we provide all the decorations, to games like paw painting and pool games, we love going above and beyond for your pup’s birthday paw-tay.

Just like any other parent would throw a birthday party for their kid, we know it’s essential to have a party for your furry family member. Here are just a few of the reasons we love throwing dog birthday parties.

They Deserve a CelebrationDog Birthday Party Pool Time

Your pup endlessly deserves a doggie day celebration. Loving their owner endlessly without expecting anything in return is the definition of unconditional. Celebrate them and let them run around in all the places they usually aren’t allowed.

An activity that you can spoil the pup with is a dip in a dog-friendly pool. At VIP you can upgrade any birthday party package to include a pool party in our dog-bone shaped pool. Having all of your dog’s canine friends frolicking in the water makes for great fun while helping your dog socialize and become more acclimated to a water environment.

Doggy Playdates are Good for Pup and Owner

Having a birthday party for your dog can be a good excuse for you and your friend’s and family’s dogs to socialize together. It is imperative for your dog to become socialized so they can lead a healthy, non-stressful life. Using the birthday party as an excuse to let all of the dogs play in a group setting, feelings of isolation or social anxiety can begin to breakdown.

Dog Birthday Party HatMilestone Birthdays are Important

It is essential to celebrate the big ones. A milestone birthday might feel unnecessary, but, significantly, your puppy has come all this way. A full year around the sun deserves some extra love and attention. If you are a person, who finds it hard to justify a birthday party every year, celebrating just the milestone birthdays are a friendly pat on the back to you, the caretaker, for doing such an excellent job for a such an extended amount of time.

We Love When Dogs Get New Toys

There is nothing sweeter than seeing the excitement on a furry face when they receive a brand-new toy. Many dog parents bring in toys for the other guests at their pups birthday party. It is something that makes the dogs happy and all of the parents as well.

Let Your Doggie Enjoy Some Cake

The dog-friendly cake is too cute not to let your dog indulge in for their birthday. With cute sayings (yappy birthday) and adorable shapes (bone-cake), you can’t go wrong when getting a cake for your dog’s birthday.

Also, watching your dog attack a birthday cake after being said no to sweet-treats so many times, is one of the most delightful experiences you can have as a dog parent.

At VIP we provide a dog-friendly birthday cake for your fur baby’s special day with every birthday party package.

Cute Pictures & VideosDog Birthday Party Bulldog

If you’re anything like us, you probably already have a million pictures with your dogs. However, having individual images with your dog, their friends, and their owners (who are probably your friends too) are unique images. Holding on to these memories is essential, and being able to share them with others is a beautiful thing.

During a VIP dog birthday party, we take pictures throughout the entire day. We also sing
“happy birthday” to the birthday boy or girl at every party right before we let everyone enjoy our delicious cake. We also make sure that

After A Couple Times, They Know It’s Their Big Day

After the first two birthday parties, it’s easy to tell that your dog knows when we’re celebrating them. The excitement that comes with putting a party hat on and bringing out the cake and friends is hard to deny. Letting VIP take care of all of the planning, decorating, cake making, and everything in between for your dog’s birthday will ensure that you never allow that day to pass.

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