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Dog-friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

Blog Dog-friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

Have you ever caught your dog giving you those puppy eyes at the Thanksgiving table? It’s hard to resist.

But here’s a thought – why should our furry family friends miss out on all the holiday fun?

We’re not talking about sneaking them scraps of homemade turkey under the table. No, we mean crafting a full-blown, dog-friendly Thanksgiving feast that even they can gobble up joyfully.

This post is packed with wisdom for doing just that. You’ll discover which common ingredients are off-limits and learn about alternative nutritious dog meals.

We’ve got mouth-watering recipes lined up too! Plus, tips on kitchen prep and introducing new foods. So buckle in – this journey into canine culinary delights will be “pawsome”!

Understanding the Importance of Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is an occasion for enjoying many holiday foods at a feast, but not all the goodies can be safely consumed by our canine companions. Many traditional dishes contain ingredients that can harm dogs’ health.

We often forget how sensitive dogs’ digestive systems are compared to ours. The high-fat content in gravy or stuffing can cause pancreatitis, while onions and garlic in many recipes are toxic to dogs (ASPCA).

Making dog-friendly versions of Thanksgiving dishes lets your pup join the festivities safely. Not only does it prevent them from eating harmful foods, but it also introduces them to new flavors and textures which they might enjoy.

Key Ingredients to Avoid in Dog’s Thanksgiving Feast

Key Ingredients to Avoid in Dog's Thanksgiving Feast

Some traditional ingredients can cause health problems in dogs.

The first culprit is onions and garlic. These vegetables, common in stuffing recipes, can lead to anemia if consumed by your dog. Similarly, dishes that include grapes or raisins, such as certain desserts or salads, pose serious risks, too; they’re known to cause kidney failure in dogs.

Nutmeg found typically in homemade pumpkin pie spice has psychoactive properties that could harm your pet. Lastly, avoid giving turkey skin and bones, which might seem like tasty Thanksgiving treats for dogs but can lead to painful pancreatitis or blockages.

Safe and Nutritious Ingredients for Your Dog’s Thanksgiving Meal

Turkey is a traditional favorite, but it should be plain, skinless, and boneless to avoid harm. Remember that dog golden turkey doesn’t need gravy or seasoning.

Pumpkin puree (not canned pumpkin or pie mix) is great for their digestion. Sweet potatoes are another good choice, but serve them cooked without the marshmallows.

Green beans can make an excellent addition to your dog’s plate if they’re unseasoned. Carrots, peas, apples (without seeds), and blueberries are also safe options you can include in moderation. (AKC)

Avoid using onions, garlic, or foods with xylitol, as these ingredients are toxic to dogs.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Dog-Friendly Recipes

Top 5 Thanksgiving Dog-Friendly Recipes

Feasting on a special Thanksgiving dinner is part of the joy of Thanksgiving. But your furry friend doesn’t have to miss out. Here are five tasty and nutritious recipes you can whip up for them.

1. Turkey and Vegetable Stew

A warm stew with lean turkey meat, carrots, peas, and a sweet potato can make an excellent feast for dogs. Remember to keep it unsalted.

2. Pumpkin Pupcakes

Satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth with Pumpkin Pupcakes. Made from dog-safe ingredients like pumpkin puree, coconut oil, and oats that taste like pumpkin pie.

3. Sweet Potato Chews

Sweet potato chews are easy-to-make snacks that promote healthy dental health in dogs.

4. Cranberry Meatballs

Treat your pup to juicy meatballs mixed with cranberry sauce – remember not to add any onions or garlic.

5. Sweet Potato Casserole

Here at Very Important Paws, we believe in making every day special for your dog – whether through our top-notch daycare services, grooming sessions, or dog boarding at our luxurious West Palm Beach dog hotel.

This Thanksgiving, why not whip up something delicious that both you and your pup can enjoy? We’re talking about a delectable sweet potato casserole made with sweet potatoes, carrots, an apple, low-sodium drained and rinsed kidney beans, and coconut oil

Preparing Your Kitchen for Dog-Friendly Cooking

Preparing Your Kitchen for Dog-Friendly Cooking

Cooking dog-friendly meals starts with a clean and safe kitchen. So, ensure you’ve removed any harmful cleaning products from the countertops. Like child-proofing, we need to consider ‘dog-proofing’ our kitchens too.

The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center advises that certain household items can be toxic to dogs. Keep these away or stored securely out of your pet’s reach.

A well-organized workspace helps keep cooking stress-free and enjoyable – for you and your furry friend. Having specific areas designated for prepping ingredients is a great way to start.

Consider using separate cutting boards: one exclusively for preparing your dog’s food could avoid potential cross-contamination.

How to Introduce New Foods to Your Dog

How to Introduce New Foods to Your Dog

Introducing new foods to your dog can be tricky. But, with some careful consideration and planning, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Mix a small amount of the new food into their usual meal. The small amounts let them get used to the taste gradually.

Keep an eye on your furry friend for any signs of discomfort or allergies, such as scratching more than usual or changes in stool consistency. If you notice anything off, stop giving the new food and consult your vet immediately.

The goal is slow and steady change over time – this helps avoid stomach upsets and allows you both time for Thanksgiving food to adjust. So remember, patience is key when introducing delicious Thanksgiving recipes.

Making Thanksgiving a Joyous Occasion for Your Dog

Making Thanksgiving a Joyous Occasion for Your Dog

Thanksgiving isn’t just about food. It’s a Thanksgiving turkey and an opportunity to shower extra love and attention on your furry friend.

Start by including them in the festivities. A new trick or game can be entertaining and mentally stimulating for dogs.

You could also get them a special toy or treat, but remember not to go overboard with dog treats. – even dog-friendly ones.

Spend quality time together. This might mean taking a long walk after dinner, having playtime, or snuggling up on the couch watching holiday movies.

Above all, give plenty of belly rubs and head pats because that’s what our dogs truly cherish.


How do you make a dog-friendly Thanksgiving dinner?

To make a dog-friendly Thanksgiving dinner, use safe ingredients like lean turkey meat, sweet potatoes, carrots, and organic brown flax seeds. Avoid onions, garlic, raisins or grapes.

What are some Thanksgiving dog meal ideas?

Dog-friendly Thanksgiving foods include plain cooked turkey (no skin), pumpkin pureed in a food processor, brown rice, green beans, and mashed sweet potatoes without butter or spices.

Can dogs eat turkey stuffing?

Nope. Turkey stuffing often contains onions and garlic, which can be toxic to dogs. Stick to plain roasted turkey instead.

How do you prepare pets for Thanksgiving?

To prepare your pet for the holiday festivities, gradually introduce new dishes before the big day. Also, ensure they have a quiet space away from the bustle.


So, you’re ready to make Thanksgiving a treat with dog food for your pup, too. That’s great!

Dog-friendly Thanksgiving recipes aren’t just about spoiling your pet. They’re also crucial for their health.

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