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Blog Why Do Dogs… Tilt Their Heads, Hate Vacuums, & Other Facts You Want to Know


Even though you interact with your furry friend every day, there is likely a lot about him that you don’t know. From why dogs tilt their heads to just how good their sense of smell really is, explore some fun facts about dogs.

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

Dogs have much better hearing than humans, but their ear structure means that they have to move their head to take full advantage of that. We, humans, are used to being able to recognize sound no matter what direction it comes from. We don’t have to turn around to hear a sound behind us. Your pup, however, has an ear flap that at least partially covers his ear canal. This means that he has to move it to be able to hear from other directions. Tilting his head helps with this; it also lets your dog adjust other parts of his ear to hear best.

If you are right in front of your dog while talking to him and he tilts his head, it is his way of showing he is engaged. Of course, knowing the reason behind the head tilt won’t stop it from making the cutest pictures from dog boarding West Palm Beach.

Dogs’ Brains Have 40 Times the Space Dedicated to Smells as Humans’ Do

You know that dogs are good at smelling, but how good are their sniffers? One of the dog fun facts about noses is that the part of your dog’s brain that analyzes smells is 40 times larger than yours. On top of that, human noses have around six million olfactory receptors, while dogs’ noses can have up to 300 million.

Dogs’ olfactory senses are so good that they could smell one drop of liquid in not just a single Olympic-sized pool but 20 of those pools. This means they can smell one part per trillion.

Dogs Show Empathy – And Help Humans

We’ve all seen viral videos of dogs showing empathy to humans. Researchers have looked into this and found that not only do dogs show empathy. When they know their humans are in distress, they will act more quickly to try to help. This shows that dogs can act on the empathy they feel for us humans.

Why Dogs Hate Vacuums and Thunder

Many dogs have what’s called canine noise aversion. This is just the technical term meaning that loud sounds make them uncomfortable or can cause phobias. Whether it’s thunder, a vacuum, or a blow dryer during dog grooming West Palm Beach, your dog may react the same.

Extending these dog fun facts, dogs also have other reasons to be afraid of thunder. Many dogs can sense the changes to the barometric pressure. Depending on their coats, they are also likely to feel static electricity, which is not comfortable.

Your Dog Doesn’t Sweat Like We Do

Even after a rousing day at dog daycare West Palm Beach, your dog isn’t likely to break a sweat, at least not how you expect him to. That’s because one of the fun facts about dogs is that while your dog sweats, he doesn’t do so as we do. Dogs produce an oily substance with pheromones that we can’t detect. Moreover, they only sweat on their paws. Instead, they pant to stay cool.

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