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Blog Feeding Hungry Pets: Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League “Peggy’s Pantry” 

Peggy’s Pantry assists those in the Palm Beach County area to feed their pets. You can get referrals to low-cost vet clinics as well as spaying/neutering surgeries for pets. This local charity aims to help families keep their pets and have fewer in the shelters. They believe that financial difficulties shouldn’t affect the special bond between people and their pets. Last year, Peggy’s Pantry helped feed nearly 13,000 pets. 

Peggy’s Pantry was started as a personal vision, but it relies on the community’s support through supply and food donations. You can find them open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. VIP has a donation bin in our lobby if you would like to drop off unopened dog or cat food and treats.

History of the Rescue

Peggy’s Pantry is an extension of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. This group was formed on the porch of Amy Lyman Phillips in 1924, where they met to discuss the problem of pets left behind by winter vacationers. Within a year, they were incorporated. 

They moved after a hurricane flattened the first shelter in 1928. But they expanded and grew in 1973, opening their spay-neuter clinic. With each expansion came the need for more funds. The group did regular bake sales, tag days, and drives for funds to address these needs. In 1973, it just made sense to open a thrift store to help support the shelter needs and help with feeding hungry dogs. 

What’s in a Name

In 1989, Charles Norton Adams made a substantial donation to begin an endowment fund. He did this in memory of his wife, Peggy Adams. His only request was to change their name from Animal Rescue League to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League (PAARL). 

Peggy’s Pantry partners with the Bank of Belle Glade to help local pets. They work together to assist many who are struggling to feed their pets. The partners bring the donations from Peggy’s main building to Belle Glade, giving the food to the public for their pets. This dog food pantry event takes place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. every other Wednesday. 

Food pick-ups are by appointment only, so if you are new to the Pantry, you will need to fill out an application. 

An Inspiration

For those that do not live in Palm Beach County, there are still countless ways you can help families and their pets near you. Consider some of the following ways to start making a difference:

  • Volunteer at your local shelter
  • Host food drives for local shelters and rescues 
  • Foster a pet
  • Help a local rescue with taking pets to appointments and grooming needs 
  • Donate supplies to local shelters and rescues
  • Ask for donations to your preferred shelter instead of birthday gifts

Items to Consider Donating to a Pet Food Pantry

  • Milk for orphaned puppies and kittens
  • Transition milk and cereal for orphaned puppies and kittens 
  • Specialty foods
  • Foods for overweight pets 
  • Foods for cats with urinary problems 
  • Soft foods for dogs and cats
  • Specialty chews for dogs and puppies 


To summarize, any help is better than no help. Thus, contacting your local shelters and rescues is the perfect first step. They will let you know what their needs are and how you can help. 

Very Important Paws has always been near and dear to our business, and we are proud supporters of Peggy Adams throughout our 18-year history. Co-founders of VIP, Will Corrente & Marc Street, met while doing volunteer dog training at PAARL. In addition, Will adopted his beloved Coco, a purebred black lab from PAARL in 2002, he recalls “she was the best $95 he ever spent!”



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