Dog Adjust to “Back to School” Month

Blog Help Your Dog Adjust to “Back to School” Month

Going back to school is a transition for the entire family, including your dog. Every dog’s back-to-school reaction is different. Some dogs will return to the school year routine without an issue, while others will show separation anxiety. 

But preparing your dog for back-to-school time will always maximize your chances of the transition going smoothly. Learn how to prepare your pup, from fun dog activities to other tips. 

Tips for Helping Your Dog Adjust to “Back to School” Month

Test How Ready He Is

Since every dog is different, you should start by observing the effect of back-to-school season on your pet at home. For starters, you can plan a family activity outside your home. See how your dog behaves while everyone is away. You’ll also be able to figure out how to help your dog overcome separation anxiety when the time comes.

Find a Routine

Dogs thrive on routine, which is why part of preparing your dog for back-to-school month is getting him ready for the new routine. If you can, start the new routine even before school starts. You can also gradually make changes in your schedule. For example, if you need to wake up earlier when school starts, take your pup on his first long walk of the day earlier than usual. Doing so before your kids head back to school will help your furry friend ease into the change. 

Give Your Pup Plenty of Exercises

One tip to help dog adjust to “Back to School” month is to help them burn off plenty of energy before you leave the house. Your dog is usually most active during the latter hours of the day. So, if you can get your pet to be active and use up energy before you leave the house, he may just sleep the entire time you are gone. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Hire a Dog Walker

Some people get very busy during the school year, which is completely normal. But you still have to make sure your pup gets enough exercise. One good way to keep your dog active is to hire an animal lover to be his dog walker. You will find this especially crucial if you are gone for several hours on end. With a proper background check on your dog walker, you can rest easy knowing your pup is in good hands. 

Connect Alone Time With Fun Activities

Another great tip is to get your pooch to associate being home alone with fun dog activities. Get some puzzle toys that give out treats or hide food around the house and let your dog forage in a safe space. There are plenty of interactive dog toys that work well for families with one or more furry friends. If you have just one dog, consider putting frozen peanut butter or a similar treat in a dog toy. 

Consider Dog Daycare

In the case of high energy or separation anxiety, dogs may do well with a few days a week at a West Palm Beach dog daycare. A facility like Very Important Paws will give them much-needed companions and help them use up lots of energy. Depending on your pet, dog boarding may work best as a daily trip or a regular treat a few days a week. This pet paradise could offer good support to your dog as he gets used to a new daily routine.

Manage Your Pet’s Anxiety

During the back-to-school transition, consult your vet if you notice your furry friend going through separation anxiety. You can also try playing music to calm your dog or getting him a ThunderShirt to help manage his stress. You may even find it a good opportunity to pamper your pet with dog grooming or a stay in a dog hotel, such as Very Important Paws.

Conclusion – Dog Adjust to “Back to School” Month

With the above advice, the effect of back-to-school month on your pet should be manageable. By transitioning your dog well, you will find your furry friend ready to enjoy some alone time or lounge around the house the entire day as your family returns to their school-year schedule. 



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