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You just bought a puppy and you are now wondering how to go about housetraining him. What are the fastest ways and the best ways to do it? Teaching your puppy early on where to go to the bathroom will benefit you and your home greatly. Slow and steady may win the race. Some dogs will catch on quicker than others. If your pup doesn’t, stay patient and consistent.

Tips For Housetraining Your Puppy

Have a Plan

Have a plan for letting your new pup out. If you have a busy work schedule plan in advance how you will coordinate bathroom breaks. Puppies younger than 12 weeks are unable to control their bladders and extra patience is needed to get through those first few weeks.


Pick a Spot

Pick a spot for your dog. It can be a specific spot in the yard or a certain corner of the garden. Lead your pup to that spot every time you let him out with the leash. His scent from his previous trip will encourage him to go outside. This is why picking one spot is best.


Pick a Command

Dogs are capable of responding to at least 100 words or commands, if not more. Picking a command so your dog knows it is time to go outside is critical. Some commands to consider are “let’s go outside,” “go potty,” “bathroom time,” or “want to go outside?” Using these commands consistently for every bathroom break will get your dog familiar with bathroom time.



Always reward your dog. If he goes outside, make some noise to praise your pup. Feel free to even give him a delicious treat. He will pick up on this behavior and know that he should be going to the bathroom outside.

Do not punish him if he does not go outside. If he does have an accident inside, simply use the word “no” every time you catch him should do the trick. After saying “no” pick him up and take him outside to his bathroom spot. He won’t receive a treat or any foolish praise so he should quickly learn that he messed up.


The 15-Minute Rule 

This rule is very straightforward and needs to be followed to avoid accidents. Eating, drinking, and napping can throw your pup’s bathroom schedule off. On top of sticking to the schedule you have, take your pup out within 15 minutes of these activities. These activities can stimulate a dogs bowel and bladder movements.

Accidents will happen. Each dog will respond different to housetraining. Do not get frustrated or discouraged if your puppy is not yet housetrained and your neighbor’s dog is. Dogs, just like humans, are creatures of habit. Your puppy will get it in due time.

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