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Most canine owners are familiar with the benefits of taking their dog to daycare. Your dog gets to use up their energy and socialize, and you can go to work or do other activities without worrying about him being home alone all day. But not just any daycare will do. It’s important to choose a doggie daycare that will take good care of your canine companion and has the amenities and services you both need. 

What Amenities to Look For

Part of how choosing a doggie daycare will involve visiting the facility. While there, confirm that it is clean and at a comfortable temperature. You also want to look for crucial amenities, such as fencing and dog-safe toys. 

The best dog daycare in West Palm Beach will not just have fenced-in areas for play, but they will also have separate areas for dogs of different sizes, complete with activities. They should also have enough supervision, offer treats, and have fresh water out for the dogs. 

You can also look for bonus amenities, such as occasional pool time or birthday parties. 

What Questions to Ask

You also need to know what to ask during the visit. These questions will help you decide if your chosen center will take good care of your pup and how much your dog will enjoy his time there. 

Do They Test the Temperament of Every Dog?

The best daycares will, at the very least, evaluate your dog’s temperament before accepting him. If they do this with every dog, that dramatically reduces the risk of your dog being injured by another canine while there. 

What Are the Requirements for Dogs to Attend? 

While asking about temperament tests, ask about other requirements for your dog to attend. For example, most daycares will require your dog to be up to date on all of his shots. 

Are There Extra Requirements for Puppies?

Some daycares won’t accept puppies until they are fixed. Others may not accept dogs until they are at least six months or a year old. If you have a puppy, ask these questions early to save time. 

How Are the Staff Trained?

At a minimum, the staff should be trained on safety and care procedures. It is even better, however, if they have training or experience related to canine body language and behavior. 

How Often Do I Get Updates?

One of the benefits of dog daycare is that you regularly get updates about what your canine did during the day. Some daycares give you weekly updates about your dog’s behavior and activities, complete with photos. Others will give you even more frequent updates. This is a personal preference. 

Are you registered with Animal Care & Control?

This answer confirms that the facility meets all of the relevant legal requirements. 

Do You Offer Other Services?

This isn’t an essential question, but it helps you plan for the future. If your dog has a great experience at daycare, you may want to take advantage of services such as dog training, boarding, grooming, or other services as well. 

Conclusion – Choose a Daycare for Your Dog

Taking your dog to daycare lets them socialize and have fun while you complete your daily tasks. It’s good for them to release their energy, but you want to look at the daycare’s amenities and ask the right questions so you know the facility is a good fit. With the above tips, you should be able to choose a daycare with confidence and rest easy that your best friend is in good, loving hands. 


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