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With the back-to-school season quickly approaching, it is time to start getting your dog ready to handle the new time of year. Your dog will notice that the house is suddenly a lot emptier than normal. So, how do you keep them busy and ready for a sudden change? Here are some tips for preparing your dog for back to school season

Plan Enrichment Activities

The biggest part of preparing a dog for back to school is figuring out how to keep them entertained while your kids are at school. The change in activity levels can leave your dog bored if you don’t get ready.

The good news is that it’s easy to come up with enrichment activities for your pup to enjoy. For example, you can make a treat treasure hunt by hiding favorite treats throughout your house. Or you can get toys that can hold treats. Then, put treats inside the toys and let your dog figure out how to get them out. There are even toys designed to turn getting treats into a puzzle, providing  mental stimulation.

Consider Background Noises

You may also want to leave your dog some background noise when you are gone so they don’t feel alone. Turn on the radio or TV. There are plenty of animal-oriented TV and YouTube channels available now.

Be Realistic About Potty Breaks

If your dog is used to people being home all day, they may also be used to going outside to go potty whenever they want. You will need to start getting your pup used to a change and confirm how long they can be at home alone without a bathroom break. Ideally, you will take your dog on a nice, long walk in the morning. Then, whoever gets home from school or work first takes them on another walk.

Or try to head home on your lunch break if your work is close enough to do so.

Figure Out Routine Changes

Dogs are creatures of habit, so part of preparing a dog for back to school also involves getting used to a new schedule. The best way to do this is gradual. Try taking your dog on a long morning walk at the back-to-school time and then showing some of the new activities you will have. 

Get Your Dog Used to Being Alone

Once you have an idea of your schedule change, start to slowly adjust your dog to it. Leave them alone for a half hour one day, an hour the next, two the next, and so on. This will be much less stressful on your pup than suddenly leaving them alone for eight hours after everyone being home all day.

Consider a Doggie Daycare

Depending on your dog’s energy levels and need for stimulation, you may want to consider bringing them to a dog daycare in West Palm Beach once school starts up again. This will keep dogs entertained, especially if you opt for a facility like Very Important Paws with stimulating activities and a dog pool. You may want to take your pooch to dog daycare in West Palm Beach every weekday or just a few days a week for a change of pace. This depends on your dog’s needs and your schedule.

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