Preparing Your Dog for Holiday Guests

Blog Preparing Your Dog for Holiday Guests

Even if your dog’s behavior is typically great, the holidays can be stressful. That’s especially true if you host the holidays at your home or if any holiday guests spend the night.

But you don’t have to send your furry friend to dog boarding West Palm Beach just because people are staying at your house. The following tips will help you to preparing your dog for holiday guests, ensuring everyone has a great visit.

Brush Up on Basic Training

Well before your holiday guests arrive, make sure your pooch’s basic training is under control. If you need some help, consider dog training in West Palm Beach. Or you can do this yourself, especially if you just want to reinforce past lessons.

The most important commands your pup should know before the holidays are “sit”, “stay”, “leave it”, and “go to your place.” If you want to impress, you can also brush up on some dog tricks.

Get Him Used to Other People – And Knocking

As a bonus, if you attend training classes, you can be on your way to get your dog used to visitors. You can also consider inviting one or two people to your house before the holidays. This way, you can see if your dog barks at visitors. After all, you want time to answer why my dog goes crazy when we have visitors.

You should also use this time to get your pup used to people knocking on the door. A great way of getting a dog used to visitors is to get him interested in something, like treats or a toy. Then, when he’s distracted, knock on the door. Ignore them if they bark, and then wait and repeat the process. Your goal is for your furry friend to glance at the door and then return to their activity.

Give Your Dog a Safe, Comfortable Place

During the holidays, the best way to keep your pup stress-free is to give him a safe, comfortable space. Find a quiet spot away from the noise and place his bed or kennel, along with his favorite dog toys, there. Think about your dog’s behavior and decide if he should have access to the guests or be locked away in a separate room.

Include Distractions in the Safe Place

As mentioned, the safe place for your pooch should have toys and other items. You want it to be a pet paradise so that he doesn’t worry about the visitors. Give him food, puzzles, chews, toys, and anything else he likes.

Give Your Dog Plenty of Exercises

While your pup always needs to get enough exercise, this is especially important if you have a dog reactive to visitors. Exercise will get rid of some pent-up energy, so you are less likely to have a situation with a dog aggressive to house visitors. If he’s too tired, he won’t be as aggressive.

Don’t have time to take your pup on a walk? Consider dog daycare West Palm Beach, so he can let loose with his furry friends. Start giving your pup extra exercise a few days or a week before people start arriving.

Try to Stick to Your Normal Routine

Dogs do best with routine, and this includes during the holidays. While you can only do so much with your dog during holidays, do as much as you can to follow his normal routine. Try to wake up at the normal time, feed him on his normal schedule, and walk him at the same time.


With the proper training and preparation, you won’t have to worry as much about whether your dog barks at visitors. If you need help with training, get some assistance from a local professional dog trainer, and remember to give your dog plenty of exercises.



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