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Signs To Tell If Your Dog is Stressed

Dogs just like us can become anxious. A dog’s anxiety can lead to health issues down the road if it’s something that continues. Most dog owners can recognize when a dog is anxious. There is however, certain signs that may not be noticeable as they can be part of the dogs daily actions.


The Importance of Noticing Stress

Stress is an important factor for a dog’s health. A stressed dog can lead to health issues such as Cushing’s Disease, Addison’s Disease along with other illnesses. Stress is not the only factor that plays into these illnesses but can definitely take a part in a weak immune system.


Signs of a Stressed Dog

  • Nose Licking-This licking looks abnormal from the regular licking and is followed by other signs of stress mentioned below.
  • Stressed Yawn-Happens more frequently with more intensity than a tired yawn. Will happen in stressful situations.
  • Pinned Ears-Any dog that pins their ears back could be telling you they are stressed.
  • Panting-If your dog has not had much physical activity and is panting a lot then your dog could be stressed.
  • Excessive Shedding-excessive shedding is key here since dogs shed on a daily basis.
  • Slow or Tense Movement-This sign usually coincides with inattentiveness and pinned back ears.
  • Inattentiveness to owner-A stressed dog has the tendency to not pay attention you if they are stressed. Looking away, wandering, and ignoring are a few signs to show inattentiveness towards you.
  • Diarrhea/Blood in Stool


What Causes Stress in Dogs?

Stress works the same around the clock for both humans and dogs. There’s so many factors that play into a dogs stress levels. Both physical and emotional, dogs can experience different levels of stress. Here is a few reasons why your dog would become stressed.

  • Extreme cold
  • Poor diet
  • Chasing games(try not to chase your dog)
  • Discomfort
  • Dehydration
  • Left in crate too long
  • Death (dog or human)
  • Visiting the vet
  • Being screamed at
  • Too many commands
  • Environmental changes such as moving

The list keeps going. For a more details on symptoms read the Stress Dictionary.


How to Relieve Stress for Your Dog?

A Walk a Day Keeps the Vet Away

Relieving stress in your dog can be a little more challenging than relieving it for yourself. Exercising with your dog can help relieve stress. It will benefit you if you’re stressed out too. Now that really is a man’s best friend.

Music Works — Music can relieve stress in your dog. Calm soothing music will help aid stress in your dog.

Give Your Dog a Bone

Chewing can help relieve stress. If you see your dog showing signs of stress giving a bone is encouraged. It can help with the release of endorphins. Chewing can actually be compared to nail biting or smoking in humans.

Making the dog’s environment as soothing and calm as possible is very beneficial. The soothing atmosphere will encourage a dog to be relaxed. Consistency in a dog’s schedule has proven to be beneficial when it comes to warding off stress.


Find out all of the details here.

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