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Sniffing Out Bad Habits: As a dog owner, you should want your dog to behave while in public. At the very least, you need to be prepared to handle your dog if he behaves in an unfriendly manner. Remember that teaching your dog good habits will help him even if you aren’t there, such as when he is at a dog daycare in West Palm Beach.

Sniffing Out Bad Habits:

Good Dog Manners Are Important

Having good dog manners are important. They help your furry friend make a positive first impression on the people he meets. They also help him make other canine friends.

Puppy Training and Dog Obedience

To make it easier to enforce good dog etiquette, take the time to train your dog from a young age. You can take him to puppy training classes or train him yourself.

Doggy obedience and training do more than make you a nice neighbor. It also helps keep your dog safe. For example, you don’t usually have to worry about a well-trained dog running into traffic.

As a bonus, dog training helps you build a bond with your pooch. It also makes it easier on anyone who works with your dog, from dog grooming West Palm Beach to the vet.

Manners on the Lead

Working to develop manners while on the lead or leash is easier than you may realize. Start early and let your pup get used to wearing the collar and/or harness inside before you add the lead and head out. You should also try taking a few steps inside your house before you head outside. Always be patient as he learns.

Fussy Eating

Teaching your pup dog manners about food makes feeding time hassle-free and makes life easier if you leave him at a boarding facility or daycare. If your dog is fussy, try to limit his treats to only when training. When he eats his food, give him praise. You may also want to make his food more appealing or try another food.

Dog-on-Dog Aggression and Barking

Proper dog etiquette helps your pup make new canine friends and keeps him safe from dog fights. Obedience training and building trust can go a long way to limiting barking and aggression. This training will let you more easily remove your dog from the situation. You should also use positive reinforcement to further improve that trust.

Greeting Guests and Jumping Up

Your dog likely thinks that greeting guests by jumping up on them is a lovely greeting that properly shows his enthusiasm. However, humans disagree and prefer dog etiquette without jumping. The thing to remember is that your dog will greet people by jumping when you reinforce the behavior. This can be via positive or even negative attention, such as grabbing his paws. After all, he thinks you are wrestling if you push him away. The best solution is to ignore your dog when he jumps up and encourage guests to do the same. Eventually, he should stop the behavior.

Dog Etiquette for the Dog Park – Sniffing Out Bad Habits

Both you and your pup also need to be aware of dog etiquette at the dog park. Your dog should be well-behaved and non-aggressive before you set him loose at the dog park. Before going to the park, make sure your dog has some basic training. On your part, you need to supervise your dog and remove him from any dangerous situations, such as play that is too aggressive or rough.

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