Dog’s Feet Smell Like Fritos

Blog Why Do My Dog’s Feet Smell Like Fritos?

You get a whiff of your dog’s feet and notice that they smell like Fritos or corn chips. It’s natural to wonder whether this is normal or worry about why it happens. After all, you are concerned about the dog health of your furry friend. You also want to know if it is an issue with your grooming habits and if you need to make changes. 

It’s Normal

The first thing to know is that it is completely normal for your pup’s paws to smell like corn chips. This is not a dog health issue unless you notice any other signs of a problem.

But you also don’t have to worry if your dog’s feet don’t smell like Fritos. It is also normal for them not to smell like this. 

Essentially, you should not be worried about whether your dog’s feet smell like corn chips or not. 

Bacteria Causes the Smell

When you think you smell corn chips, you are actually smelling harmless bacteria. These pseudomonas and proteus bacteria can lead to the smell despite being “normal flora.” 

When to Be Concerned About Stinky Feet

Smelly feet are only a concern to your dog’s health if there are also other issues. For example, if you notice other signs of an infection or skin problem, you likely need to consult a vet. Look out for changes to your dog’s foot’s appearance. Redness and swelling can indicate an infection. Other potential symptoms include cracked toenails, broken toenails, or hair loss on the paws. Also, look for changes in how your dog behaves. Holding a paw off the ground or chewing on or licking their feet can all be cause for concern. 

While dog feet that smell like corn chips shouldn’t give you concern about your pup’s grooming habits, stinky cheese smells should. If you notice the smell of stinky cheese, then take your pup to the vet. 

Tips to Reduce Stinky Feet in Dogs 

You can reduce the smell by regularly washing your canine’s feet using dog shampoo. If he isn’t very cooperative, grab a dog treat or two so he can start to associate the foot-washing with good things. 

You can also reduce the odor by just wiping down your pet’s feet after any activity that could lead to sweating. This includes playing outside and swimming. Be sure to use unscented pet-safe wipes. 

It is also smart to keep the hair under and between your dog’s toes short. This will prevent it from trapping bacteria that lead to the smell. As with bathing, a dog treat can go a long way to getting your canine used to having his fur-trimmed. You can also just let dog grooming in West Palm Beach handle this task for you. 

Conclusion – Dog’s Feet Smell Like Fritos

It is perfectly normal for your dog’s feet to smell like Fritos, but not every dog will have feet that smell like corn chips. You should only worry about how your dog’s feet smell if they give off an odor reminiscent of stinky cheese or you notice other issues. Look out for redness, swelling, damage to the nails, excessive licking, and tenderness. 


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