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West Palm Beach certainly doesn’t experience harsh winters like other country areas, but that doesn’t mean your beloved pet will automatically be comfortable all winter. As a pet owner, you must keep the winter essentials your dog needs on hand. This way, you will be ready to protect and keep your dog healthy even in a cold snap. 

When Does Florida Get Too Cold for Your Dog?

Those who have lived in Florida for years know that winter can occasionally get too cold for our furry friends despite the warm summers. But how cold is too cold? The rule of thumb is that if it feels too cold for you outside, it is too cold for your pet. 

If you leave your dog outside in the cold, he can freeze from the low temperatures and get disoriented, exposing him to other risks like getting lost, injured, killed, or stolen. 

If you habitually leave your dog in the car, note that it’s not safe either. If it is too cold for your dog outside, your car can hold in the cold much like a refrigerator. In other words, it can cause your furry friend to suffer from the cold, which no animal lover wants. 

Buy a Warm Bed

One of your dog’s most crucial winter essentials is a warm, cozy place to curl up and nap. Opt for a soft, warm bed positioned off the floor. Add a pillow or warm blanket to keep your pup even warmer. You’ll notice that this is the type of bedding offered by the best dog boarding in West Palm Beach, as the staff members understand the importance of keeping your pup warm and cozy. 

A Sweater – Depending on Your Dog

Putting a sweater on your dog significantly helps keep him warm outside. The breed of your dog and how often and long they spend outdoors will determine if a sweater will serve him best. If your dog is a smaller breed or has a thin coat, a sweater will help keep him warm. 

A Healing Balm

Pups in West Palm Beach are less likely to need a healing balm to soothe cold skin than their northern cousins, but it’s better to be prepared if your dog feels cold outdoors. Keep a balm on your hands to soothe a cracked nose and paws. This helps you quickly address your dog’s discomfort when exposed to the cold.

Get a Humidifier

If you don’t already have one, you can protect your dog from the cold and keep yourself comfortable with a humidifier. Cold winter air is also dry, leading to itchy, flaky skin. Using a humidifier prevents dryness in the skin, boosting your dog’s health. 

Skip the Bath

You may also need to change some pet care routines in lower temperatures. For example, you may love the smell of your pooch after dog grooming in West Palm Beach but consider reducing the frequency of baths during the winter. If you wash his fur too much, you remove some essential oils, increasing the risk of dry, flaky skin. You can return to your pup’s regular bathing schedule when the weather is warm again. 

Bring Playtime Inside

Another change to your habits during cold snaps is bringing some outdoor playtime inside. You can still take your pup out for walks or to play at your local pet paradise. But it is best to reduce the time spent outside significantly, possibly by half. If your pup is smaller, you can reduce it even more. 

You can compensate for lost outdoor playtime by making your dog spend his energy indoors. Play with your furry friend using his favorite dog toys. If you don’t have enough space to let your dog run inside your home, consider sending him to our dog daycare in West Palm Beach during the winter. 


Even without snow or extreme weather, Florida still sees the occasional cold snap. Keep your dog warm and healthy by sheltering him indoors, getting him a sweater, humidifying your home, and keeping a healing balm on hand. Remember that if you are cold outside, your dog probably feels cold, too. We hope you enjoyed these winter dog essentials!


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