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When you head off on vacation, leaving your dog behind is always a bit awkward. When you need to head out of town, but can’t take them with you need,  to place them in a dog’s boarding kennel for a week or two. In this situation, it’s important to prepare properly so that your pet has the chance to enjoy their vacation as much as you do. Here’s what to do for Dog’s Boarding.

Make Early Arrangements 

Ahead of peak vacation times, the best boarding kennels fill up quickly. Start your preparations early so that you can pick from the widest choice and also have the time to visit each one before making your final decision.

Single or Social? 

Depending on how good a mixer your dog is, you may like to consider a kennels that lets their guests socialize with each other during the day. On the other hand, if your dog would probably prefer privacy, make sure there’s plenty of space within their section for solo exercising and that staff will be available to give them plenty of attention.

Check Vaccinations 

Any reputable kennels will require proof of your dog’s current vaccination status. Find out which shots are required well in advance of your pet’s stay, so you have the chance to get everything in order.

Deal with Fleas and Worms 

And on a similar theme, make sure your dog is free of fleas, worms, and any other common pests. Many kennels will inspect your pet before accepting them, and you don’t want the nasty surprise of being turned away because your pet has an unnoticed pest problem.

Check the Food Situation 

What will the kennels feed your dog? Will they stick to familiar well-loved foods, or will it be better to provide your own? Even the most unfussy dog can experience stomach problems after an abrupt change in diet, so make sure you check this out carefully.

Prepare for an Emergency 

Of course, you’ll hope it doesn’t happen, but if there’s a problem during your pet’s stay the kennel owners may need to get in touch with someone quickly.

As well as providing your own contact number, make sure your vet can be reached if necessary. Also enlist a trusted friend who can attend and monitor the situation until you return. Make sure the kennels know about your emergency plans and can be relied on to follow them.

After the Stay 

Lastly, on the happy day of being reunited, make sure you check your pet for any problems. Fleas and ticks are unwelcome but very possible when your dog has been in close contact with other animals. Likewise, even the most careful care can leave an animal picking up an unnoticed scratch or two, so check carefully in case any treatment is needed.

Dogs are among nature’s most sociable and resilient creatures, and there’s no reason they can’t fully enjoy their stay in a kennel. However, taking a little time to prepare properly will ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, and you’ll each have a vacation to remember for all the right reasons.

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