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You likely have a vacation planned this summer, so your dog deserves one as well. Summer boarding your dog is a great way to ensure he has a great time and is well cared for. Discover the benefits of boarding your dog and how to prepare for Florida dog boarding when on vacation.

How to Prepare for Dog Boarding in West Palm Beach – Benefits of Boarding

To make sure your dog has the smoothest possible boarding experience and that you have nothing to worry about while away, take some time to prepare for the time at the boarding kennel.

Take Care of Health Logistics

Start by taking care of all of the health-related logistics your pup needs. Make a list of any medicines being taken or allergies. Make sure you have enough meds to last for your time away. If your dog has any itches, rashes, or other issues, get them checked out before you leave.

This is also the time to make sure that the boarding facility has all of your contact information – including a number they can reach you at while you are away.

Check The Name Tag

This is the perfect time to confirm that your dog’s name tag on their collar is up to date. It should be legible and have your contact information, your dog’s name, and any allergies on it.

Let Your Dog Take a Piece of Home

Make sure your dog feels at home even when dog boarding in West Palm Beach. The best way to do this is to pack your pup’s favorite toys. You should also consider packing one of your shirts or something else that smells like you. These will both help comfort them.

Consider a Pre-visit

To give you more peace of mind and help your dog’s comfort levels, consider a pre-visit before dropping your pup off for Florida dog boarding when on vacation. This will let you see the facility, giving you confidence in it. It will also give your pup a chance to get familiar with the facility, so it isn’t overwhelming when brought in to board.

Benefits of Boarding Your Dog

So why should you take advantage of dog boarding when on vacation? There are plenty of reasons, both for you and your pooch.

Your Dogs Get the Attention They Need

You know that dogs require regular attention. You don’t want to have to worry about giving your pup that attention while on vacation or searching for someone who can. Very Important Paws handles it all during boarding. Best of all, your dog gets to feel like they’re on vacation as well, thanks to the dog pool, socialization, and various activities. Your dog will have so much fun that they won’t care that the attention is coming from VIP instead of you.

Your Dog Gets to Socialize

You plan on socializing during your vacation, and your dog should be able to as well. Thanks to the other dogs (and friendly humans) at Very Important Paws, they’ll get plenty of socialization. That is especially true compared to if they were to stay at home with a dog sitter who only stops by a few times a day. When boarding, your dog can socialize as much as they want.

Less Stress for You and Your Dog

Both you and your dog will be less stressed staying at a boarding kennel. Your dog will be happy and stress-free, thanks to the scheduled and fun activities. You will have fewer concerns knowing your pup will be watched by a team of dedicated dog lovers.

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