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The 2023 hurricane season has begun, and we want you to know that Very Important Paws is here for you and your dogs. Consider these helpful tips to make sure you and your dog are fully prepared for a hurricane or tropical storm.

Keep Information & Supplies Up to Date

Having your dogs chipped is a great way to feel more secure in case they get lost during an emergency. A lost pet can be scanned and returned to you as long as your information is up to date. Make sure the correct contact information is also on their collar tag. In the event that you need to take shelter somewhere other than home, make sure your pet’s medical records and current vaccinations, ID tags, rabies tag and microchip ID are packed together in one place.

Dogs who regularly take medication should have a full supply of everything they need. Pack things like pet food, water and medical supplies in watertight containers and keep your dog’s leash handy in case of a sudden need to evacuate. If you’re worried that your dog won’t respond well in a crisis, Very Important Paws has dog training in West Palm Beach to help prepare them to follow your lead in emergency situations.

Secure Your Dog Boarding Spot

As far as dog boarding in West Palm Beach goes, Very Important Paws is the perfect place for your pooch. Make VIP a part of your hurricane safety plan with a one-time reservation fee of $69.99. This will hold your pup’s place at our hotel all season long. When a hurricane warning is announced, VIP will call and ask if you want to fill your spot.

Here’s what a VIP reservation guarantees:

●  A pre-reserved space for your dog at VIP in the event of a hurricane
●  24-hour onsite care during the storm from our team
●  Care and attention for your doggy during a vulnerable time

VIP is prepared for hurricane season with fully stocked food, water and supplies, an onsite emergency generator, and shutters for the whole building. Our team will be attentive to your dog and stay by their side during and after the storm.

Comfort Dogs After The Storm

Whether you’ve evacuated or stayed home, comforting a dog during and after the storm is key to keeping them calm. Having their favorite toys, bed or treats around them can help them feel calm in a scary situation.

After the storm is over, quickly returning to a normal schedule can bring your dog comfort. Take them on their regular walks, feed them at their normal hours, or even visit VIP for dog grooming in West Palm Beach to keep your dog happy and healthy. 

Very Important Paws wants you to know that we’re here for you and your dogs during this hurricane season. By making us part of your hurricane safety plan, you will always know that your dog has a safe place to go in an emergency where they’ll be treated just like family!

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