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How To Keep Your Dog Calm During a Storm

Blog How To Keep Your Dog Calm During a Storm

Trying to keep your dog calm during a storm can be challenging – especially if you’re a little scared too.

Here are the methods to help soothe your furry friend’s nerves when thunder roars.

Key Takeaways

  • You can keep your surroundings calm by playing background noise, such as classical or white noise, to help cover up the scary sounds of thunder and rain.
  • Create a safe indoor space for your dog with their favorite items, and make sure they know you’re nearby to offer comfort during the storm.
  • Provide enjoyable distractions such as interactive toys or puzzle feeders to shift your dog’s focus away from the storm.
  • Consider using anxiety-reducing clothing, like thunder shirts, that apply gentle pressure to your dog’s torso, providing a sense of security.
  • Talk to your vet about potential calming medications if your dog’s anxiety is severe, and explore training programs that gradually expose them to stormy conditions in a controlled way.

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Techniques to Calm Your Dog During Storms

To calm your dog during storms, remain composed and reassure your dog. Then, find shelter for your dog indoors. Set up a cozy retreat where your dog feels protected from the stormy weather.

Remain Composed to Reassure

Keeping cool during storms is crucial for humans and calming our furry friends. Our dogs pick up on our emotions; they mirror them if we show fear or anxiety. By staying calm and projecting a sense of normalcy, we teach them there’s nothing to fear from thunderstorms or heavy rain.

It’s all about setting an example—maintaining a neutral tone and behavior and reassuring your dog that the loud noises outside are not a threat. Dogs follow their pack leader, so let’s lead by example.

Creating a serene atmosphere can significantly lessen thunderstorm anxiety and reduce your dog’s storm anxiety. Ensure the house feels safe by keeping doors closed and quiet. Playing background noise like classical music or white noise can help drown out the scary sounds of thunder and lightning strikes.

This approach doesn’t just hide the disturbances; it actively creates an environment where our dogs can feel protected and less anxious.
Shelter Your Dog Indoors

Shelter Your Dog Indoors

Sheltering your dog inside is key in helping them stay calm during a storm. Ensure your dogs have access to a safe indoor area when the storm starts. This can be any room where dogs learn that they feel secure and can escape the loud sounds of thunder and the sight of lightning flashes.

Keeping them indoors shields many dogs from frightening noises and protects them from possible harm caused by severe weather conditions.

At Very Important Paws, we create an environment that minimizes their anxiety symptoms during storms. It’s all about making sure they don’t feel trapped or alone. Whether it’s their favorite crate transformed into a cozy den with their beloved dog bed or simply keeping the door open so they know we’re nearby, these small gestures help significantly.

Playing music at low volume or using a white noise machine can drown out scary thunderclaps, providing additional comfort.

Very Important Paws always monitor our furry friends’ body language to assess their feelings and what else we can do to assist them through every burst of bad weather.

Set up a Cozy Retreat - Keep Your Dog Calm

Set up a Cozy Retreat

Very Important Paws ensures your dog has a cozy retreat to escape the noises of a storm. This safe place can be as simple as a quiet room away from windows or a snug spot to hide under furniture where they feel secure.

We fill it with their favorite blankets, toys, and even items that smell like you to comfort them. The idea is to create an enclosed space where barometric pressure changes and loud sounds are less noticeable.

A safe haven helps reduce their thunderstorm anxiety.

After setting up this calming area, we introduce other techniques to distract and relax them further during storm season. Playing soothing music or using anti-anxiety wraps can add another layer of calm for your anxious dog during a storm front.

Additional Calming Strategies for Dogs

Additional Calming Strategies for Dogs

Consider incorporating additional calming strategies to reduce your dog’s anxiety during storms. Playing soothing music can help create a relaxing atmosphere for your pet.

Offering enjoyable distractions, such as interactive toys or puzzle feeders, can redirect your dog’s focus away from the storm. Introducing anxiety-reducing clothing like thunder shirts can provide a comforting sensation and lessen their distress.

Reducing static buildup in the environment using humidifiers or anti-static sprays can also provide a more tranquil setting for your dog. Additionally, discussing calming medications with your veterinarian and implementing training programs to desensitize them to storm-related stimuli are valuable steps toward promoting their overall well-being.

Play Soothing Sounds for Dog’s Anxiety

Playing soothing sounds can be a simple yet effective way to help calm your dog during a storm. Turn on calming music or white noise to cover up the loud noises of thunder, which may reduce your dog’s anxiety.

You might also consider using music specifically designed to have a relaxing effect on dogs, as this can further help create a calming environment for your furry friend.

How do you keep your dog calm during a storm? Playing soothing sounds and creating a serene atmosphere are essential for comfort and reassurance. Using calm and gentle music has reduced dogs’ stress levels during storms.

Offer Enjoyable Distractions - Keep Your Dog Calm

Offer Enjoyable Distractions

During a storm, it can be helpful to provide enjoyable distractions for your dog to help keep their focus away from the thunder and lightning. Engaging in interactive play with your dog or giving them a new chew toy can redirect their attention and ease their anxiety.

You could also introduce food puzzles or dog treats that require mental stimulation, which can be a great way to distract your dog during the storm.

Playing soothing music or sounds designed for relaxation is another effective method for creating an enjoyable distraction. Providing these activities for your dog can help alleviate their stress and comfort them during challenging weather conditions.

Use Anxiety-Reducing Clothing - Keep Your Dog Calm

Use Anxiety-Reducing Clothing

Anxiety-reducing clothing can be a useful tool for further calming your dog during storms. These items, which include shirts, wraps, or capes designed to create a calming effect by applying gentle pressure to your dog’s torso, can provide a sense of security and comfort for your pet.

The gentle air pressure from these garments has been found to calm many dogs during anxious situations such as thunderstorms or fireworks. Utilizing this type of clothing and other calming strategies can offer additional support to help alleviate your dog’s fear and restlessness during stormy weather.

By incorporating anxiety-reducing clothing into your overall approach to keeping your dog calm during storms, you provide them with added comfort and support as they navigate their fear and unease.

Reduce Static Buildup

Use fabric softener sheets or anti-static spray on your dog’s bedding and favorite spots to reduce the static electricity buildup. Brushing your dog with an anti-static spray-infused brush can also help eliminate the static charge in their fur.

Furthermore, keeping the air indoors humid by using a front air humidifier can lessen the accumulation of static electricity.

Utilizing these techniques and tools, such as fabric softener sheets, anti-static sprays, and humidifiers, we can effectively reduce the discomfort caused by static buildup during storms for our furry companions.

Discuss Calming Medications for Storm Anxiety With Your Vet - Keep Your Dog Calm

Discuss Calming Medications for Storm Anxiety With Your Vet

It’s important to discuss calming medications for storm anxiety with your vet. Anti-anxiety medications such as benzodiazepines and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) may be prescribed for severe storm anxiety in dogs.

These medications can help manage your dog’s fear and stress during storms, providing much-needed relief. Your vet will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the best course of action for your pet, considering factors like age, weight, and overall health.

Seeking professional advice ensures the medication is tailored to your dog’s needs while minimizing potential side effects. It also allows you to receive proper administration and monitoring guidance throughout treatment.

Consulting your vet about calming medications demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing your dog’s storm-related anxiety while prioritizing their well-being.

Train Your Dog to Be Less Fearful of Storms

Train Your Dog to Be Less Fearful of Storms

Teaching your dog to be less afraid of storms is crucial for their well-being. Gradually exposing them to storm-related experiences can help desensitize them over time. Start by playing calming sounds or offering enjoyable distractions during mild storms, then gradually increase exposure to thunderstorms as they become more comfortable.

Creating positive associations with storms is key. Reward your dog when they display calm behavior and provide extra attention to reinforce positive experiences. Training your dog in this way can make a significant difference in helping them manage their fear of storms effectively.


To keep your dog calm during a storm, maintain a composed and matter-of-fact attitude to reassure them. Shelter your dog indoors in their safe place and avoid punishing them for any fearful behavior.

Play soothing music or turn on the TV to minimize the impact of loud noises. Provide enjoyable distractions like toys or activities to keep your dog occupied. Seek professional help if your dog’s anxiety during storms is severe, as they may need behavioral therapy or other interventions.

Conclusion - How To Keep Your Dog Calm During a Storm


1. How can we recognize when our dog is scared of a storm?

We can tell our dogs are scared if they show signs like hiding, shaking, or whining at the first sign of fireworks or a storm. Paying attention to our dog’s body language helps us understand their fear.

2. How can we help our canines feel safe during a thunderstorm?

Creating a safe space in a quiet, sheltered part of the house where your dog likes to play music and relax can make them feel secure. Playing music or using white noise can also help mask the sound of thunder.

3. Can techniques reduce our dog’s noise aversion over time?

Yes, desensitization and counterconditioning are effective methods. This involves gradually exposing them to the sounds that scare them at low volumes while giving them positive experiences like treats or playtime.

4. Can medication help my dog with their fear of thunderstorms?

In some cases, anti-anxiety medications prescribed by a veterinarian may be necessary for dogs with severe anxiety. Over-the-counter medicine like Benadryl might also be recommended for dogs, but always consult with a vet first.

5. How do human emotions affect dogs during storms?

Dogs often pick up on human emotions; staying calm and composed during a storm can help reassure your pet that there’s nothing to fear.

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